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Don't you hate it when you have to get up after a massage, get dressed then drive home? In town on a business trip and don't want to drive around looking for a massage location? .......Well, fret no more because I can bring the massage to you!



Are you sitting at your desk wishing you didn't look or feel like the hunchback of notre dame?......I can bring my massage chair to you.

From relaxation to clinical massage, for hire for fund raisers, parties or even employee appreciation, as long as you have the space for a massage table or chair, I can bring the massage to you.

Don't forget to check out my Youtube channel and/or my instagram for some entertainment and education.

I will temporarily be out of commission due to breast cancer surgery I will be having on March 19th, 2020.  I anticipate being out until

at least mid April.  Stay tuned and i will keep you posted with any updates.  Please feel free to follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook.

I am Yvette [A.K.A Momaka] to 3 beautiful and energetic boys and a licensed massage practitioner with over 10 years of experience in massage and personal fitness training.  I have done a whole variety of things in my life, a Jill of all trades. From warehouse work, customer service, lifeguard, personal training, Marine Corps, supervising a ski resort to traveling with a carnival, but I have always been drawn back to massage and fitness. I have worked in spa and clinical environments that have enhanced my knowledge, along with continuing education and personal research.  There is just too much ugly and hate in this world so I try to put a smile on people's faces with entertainment such as small comedy skits. I am also currently training to compete in Power lifting. And hope to be an inspiration to people of all ages, especially my age group, to live a long, strong, healthy life.
When it comes to my clients, my technique isn't a one-size-fits-all.  Everyone is different, has different needs, ailments, etc., so I gear my massages to each individual person.