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It all begins with an idea then you set goals and push ahead


My name is Yvette Banks, aka Maka or MAkaPlays. I am a mom to 3 amazingly awesome boys, a competitive power lifter, a Jill of many trades, a gamer AND an awesome massage therapist.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and had both breasts removed. I thought I was done with that life changer until this year 2020 when the cancer decided to show its ugly little head again. I had surgery again and will have to go through the dreaded treatment but I can tell you one thing. That little buger will not bring me down. Not even this Covid will bring me down. I have boys to raise and clients to massage, along with the many other adventures along my journeys.

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2010 but practicing a lot longer.  I have worked for spas, Chiropractic clinics and sports teams until I finally decided to start my own business with all the awesome knowledge I have obtained along the way.  With the information I gather from my client I gear the massage session based on that and I also highly recommend the consistent self care in order for the massage to be completely effective. 

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Massage License # MA 60417281



Text Me: 360-869-6551


Email Me: yvettesmobilemassage2u@gmail.com

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